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New video online 

We’re proud to present the new MORTON music video for the title track of the new album: “Horror of Daniel Wagner”. The most musically complex and conceptual song of all our repertoire, this 8-minute composition tells a story of a man lost in the darkest corners of his mind. Will the protagonist find salvation, or is he doomed to ramble through his nightmare forever, experiencing each of its episodes over and over again? Let’s find out.

New video coming soon 

Now it’s a matter of days! We're about to release the new MORTON music video. One of our most conceptual, complex and heavy songs will be revealed on September 6, 2018. The direct forerunner of the new album, this song bears its name: “Horror of Daniel Wagner”. We can’t wait to present our new creation!

Welcome to 

MORTON launches the new web-site! Updated info, new music, and very soon - online shop, where you’ll be able to buy all our music and merch. We welcome you to!